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Exciting Things To Do in Tyler, Texas

Admin | February 13, 2024 @ 12:00 AM

Superior Storage is proud to be in Tyler, Texas! As the proud owners of Superior Storage, which has multiple locations around Texas, we're committed to not just helping you make the most of Tyler Texas. In this blog, we will be discussing some exciting activities in the Tyler, Texas area.

Tyler Rose Garden

Tyler, also known as the "Rose Capital of America," host the elegant Tyler Rose Garden. During its spring time there are 7,000 blooming rose bushes. In addition to taking some pictures and enjoying the rose garden, check out Tyler Rose Museum to discover more about the background on how the flowers came to be.

Tyler Rose Garden host multiple annual evens which includes:

  • Tyler Azalea & Spring Flower Trail - Held the end of March through early April when the Azaleas are blooming. 
  • Rose Sunday Celebration and Kick-off - Held the last Sunday in April
  • First Tuesday in the Garden Series - September through November
  • Bulbs to Blooms Sale and Conference - Held in October
  • Texas Rose Festival - Held in October

which makes visiting the rose garden that much more grand.

Caldwell Zoo

With over 3,000 animals and 200 species from all over the world, Caldwell Zoo is your destination for your next memorable experience. There is something for every everyone to enjoy, from lions to frogs. If you want an immersive experience, make sure to ride the Caldwell Zoo Safari Express or attend the animal feedings.

Visitors can expect to see the habitats in roughly 2 hours.

It's quite easy to visit the zoo. It is strongly advised to purchase tickets in advance and make member reservations in order to ensure ticket availability and to facilitate a quick and easy entry to the zoo. From the main parking lot, you can take the ramp or stairs to reach the Main Entrance. Maps are posted all over the grounds to assist you once you're inside. Every trail has clear signage indicating the whereabouts of various animals and attractions.

Every trip to the zoo ought to be enjoyable. We want to make sure your explorers have all they need because exploring the natural beauties of our grounds can work up a serious appetite.

Convenient food and snack alternatives are available on the premises. The Chakula Café, the major dining establishment, offers a delectable selection of family-friendly favorites. The café has Tyler's greatest patio, perched atop the African Overlook. Savor a substantial meal or delicious treat while taking in the breathtaking scenery.

If all you want to do is grab a quick snack or drink, there are several options available. There's another beautiful deck outside the Wild Bird Walkabout where you can get a variety of delicious food. Additionally, the park is lined with vending machines that serve delicious ice cream, cold beverages, and other refreshments.

Take your time and relish the surroundings. As you continue your trek, choose a bench under a shade tree to unwind and refuel.

If your interested purchasing tickets? Adults start at $19.50, Child at $14.50, Senior $17.50, and Children under 2 get in free at the time this blog was written.

At the Discovery Science Place

Have fun while learning at The Discovery Science Place. Awaken your curiosity and take in a fascinating science presentation given by the Science Place team, or explore exhibits go over subjects like biology, chemistry, and physics.

Its the perfect spot for a weekend getaway with the family. Release your inner child at The Discovery Science Place.

Here are some activties available:


Students will learn the value of paired play and instruction in this curriculum designed for younger learners. Students will have the chance to unleash their inner adventurer by going fossil hunting, measuring a T-Rex, learning about the current relative of dinosaurs, and dissecting a coprolite after learning amazing new dinosaur facts.


Students will discover the causes of lightning and thunder as well as how static electricity affects everything from lightbulbs to human skulls in this class. Will they have the guts to touch the Van de Graaff generator with their hands? It's a terrifying encounter!


What kind of ice will never melt even though it's so cold you can't pick it up? What kind of ice can send film canister rockets hurtling into space, George Washington screaming, and a Halloween cauldron coming to life? The solution has nothing to do with water, therefore you won't find it in your freezer.


Discover everything there is to know about dinosaurs! Students will learn about the vast range of dinosaurs that lived millions of years ago, how much is known about them today, how fossils are made, and what an archaeologist does for a job in this program.

By finding the living cousin of dinosaurs, measuring a T-Rex, looking through a coprolite, and excavating for fossils, students will have the chance to expand their understanding of these concepts.

About Superior Storage

At Superior Storage, our goal is to give you more than just a location to store your stuff. We want you to have the best time if you live or just visiting Tyler. There is always something new and fascinating to discover in this community, whether you choose to explore the Tyler's Zoo, get learn more about Tyler, or just savor the local food. Just know if you need self storage, Superior Storage has you covered.

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